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The Dolce Vita by Revive Coffee is a sophisticated specialty coffee machine for the coffee connoisseur. But you might be surprised to know that, depending on your consumption pattern, the machine can actually pay for itself in less than a year.

For example… let’s say you and your spouse or partner each drink just two cups per day and you pay $4.50 per cup. Your current coffee cost per day is $9, or $3,285 per year.

how the dolce vita

saves you money

If you had a Dolce Vita, let’s assume you pay $15 per pound for coffee beans, and you use 8 grams per cup. Now your coffee cost per day is just $.53 and only $193 per year. That means the Dolce Vita will pay for itself in less than 10 months. That’s just in the first year!

You may not stop buying coffee at the local coffee shop altogether. But if having the Dolce Vita at home meant you cut your out-of-home coffee consumption in half, you and your spouse would save about $1,500 per year. We sense there could be a nice vacation in your immediate future…

become a member of our

exclusive coffee club

When you purchase a Dolce Vita, you’re buying a lot more than a sophisticated specialty coffee machine. You’ll become a member of the exclusive Dolce Vita Coffee Club. You’ll receive discounts on our monthly coffee bean subscription, where freshly roasted beans are delivered right to your door.

You’ll also learn how to cook with coffee with unique recipes from our own in-house Executive Chef. And you’ll become a member of the Dolce Vita coffee community, where you can trade coffee recipes and experiences with other Dolce Vita owners.

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