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Coffee Shop vs. Dolce Vita

We’re glad you’re considering investing in the Dolce Vita machine from Revive Coffee. We say “investing”, because an investment gives you a return for your money, in this case, the daily enjoyment of a perfect cup of coffee, brewed consistently to your exact specifications.

The Dolce Vita is not an inexpensive machine, so we want you to be well informed and confident in your purchase decision.

The Coffee Budget Calculator helps prepare your purchasing decision by providing you with an annual estimate of your coffee costs.

Remember, the Dolce Vita costs $1,500 and should easily pay for itself within its first year.

Calculator for Annual Coffee Costs

How many coffee drinkers are there in your household or office?

What is the average number of coffees consumed per person per day?

What is the average cost of your favorite espresso drink?

Annual cost of coffee: $24,637.5
1 year of

free coffee on us

Get 1 Free Year of Coffee with Your Dolce Vita

No more plastic pods. No more panicked coffee runs. Get one FREE year of coffee beans with your Dolce Vita purchase, delivered right to your doorstep.

Once you’ve completed your purchase, you’ll receive 1 lb. of coffee beans shipped to you (free of charge) every month for 1 year!

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“This machine is worth every penny and the coffee from Revive Coffee is the bomb! My favorite thing about starting my day is deciding whether I want an americano, cappuccino, or latter and whether I want one or two shots of espresso.”


“I had the pleasure to purchase the new Dolce Vita machine by Revive Coffee and I couldn’t be happier! To wake up each morning and just press a button, and a few moments later you have a hot, freshly ground cup of coffee is amazing.”

- MIKE -

“I admit I’m a Sbux junkie…spend well over $1-2k there a year. I saw this machine at a tradeshow, sampled the brew and now there is no need for me to make a special trip out to buy a cappuccino or latte. I leave it on all day with my mugs sitting on the warmer so it’s ready to go in seconds!”


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