what goes on in our heads

When we smell coffee

Have you ever imagined what actually goes on inside your head when you catch the aroma of coffee? The seductive scent releases an infinite number of chemical molecules that are picked up by the olfactory cells then travel to the brain. Research has shown that a majority of the sensations we experience when we drink coffee actually don’t come from the taste buds, but from the sensory molecules in our brain when we breathe in the aroma of coffee.

Sound Is an Essential Part of

How We React to Products

Scientific research also shows that sound is an essential part of how we react to products, potentially influencing our cognitive processes, emotions, and behaviors. When you press the button on the Dolce Vita, you’ll hear the machine grinding your beans fresh….right before your very ears.

The Vortex of


Now, the vortex of sensations peaks as you watch, listen and smell a perfectly brewed cup of coffee pouring into the mug. The crema is the visual desert… that flavorful, aromatic reddish-brown froth that rests on top and is the visual signature of a quality shot of espresso.

Biology and physiology can only partially explain the delightful sensation of coffee. The heart tells us the rest because the experience of coffee awakens memories, images, and emotions stored deep within.

Imagine the look in your spouse’s eye as you walk back into the bedroom and hand them their favorite cup of coffee.

Maximize your morning ritual of coffee with the total sensory experience of the Dolce Vita machine.

Dolce Vita – Fully Automatic Espresso Machine




Elevate your mornings with a luxury coffee experience. From Espresso to lattes and everything in between, we’ve got your coffee fix, covered with a revolutionary bean to cup experience.

Features 1-Touch Brewing technology.

No more plastic pods. No more panicked coffee runs. Your Dolce Vita purchase is covered by our 30-day guarantee.

Additional information

Weight 11.1 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 45 × 35.5 m


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