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We’re glad you’re considering investing in the Dolce Vita machine from Revive Coffee.  We say “investing”, because an investment gives you a return for your money, in this case, the daily enjoyment of a perfect cup of coffee, brewed consistently to your exact specifications.

The Dolce Vita is not an inexpensive machine, so we want you to be well informed and confident in your purchase decision. We’ve created a series of videos that will tell you everything you need to know to be confident you’ve made a great decision.

imagine & discover

The first video is called “Imagine and Discover.” Drinking coffee is a total sensory experience, so in this video, we’ll encourage you to embrace the idea of what it will be like to have a Dolce Vita machine in your own home.  


products & features

The second video is “Explore Products and Features.” We’ll tell you about the very specific process of brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

selecting the

right machine & operation

The third video is called “Selecting the Right Machine and Operation” where we’ll show you how the Dolce Vita works and how easy it is to maintain.


tips & strategies

The fourth section is “Buying Tips and Strategies.”  You’ll learn how the Dolce Vita can actually pay for itself in as little as a year.

So, the process is just like the Dolce Vita itself….simple and easy to use. Just work your way through the videos and learn everything you can.

Pour yourself one last cup of coffee out of whatever coffee machine you’re about to retire, then get started learning about your new machine…the Dolce Vita from Revive Coffee!

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