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The most important questions to ask when choosing an espresso or automatic coffee machine are: is it easy to operate and will it give me what I want?

Some espresso machines are intimidating just to look at. You feel like you need an engineering degree to operate it. You shouldn’t have to go through a steep learning curve just to get a cup of coffee.

The Dolce Vita is beautiful, not just in appearance, but in its simplicity of operation and maintenance. The Dolce Vita allows you to choose from more than 26 drink options, customized to your exact preferences. With the simple push of a button, you can craft the perfect coffee beverage in less than 60 seconds.

drink of choice


Let’s say you want an Americano. You’d select Americano, tap Menu, and then Settings. You can then customize the amount of your drink, the temperature, the grams of beans, and the volume of hot water. Once you’ve adjusted the settings to your exact preference, just tap the return icon, and the Dolce Vita will save your preferences.

The Espresso settings are the same, but you can also choose low or high pressure. The Dolce Vita will also brew a cup of crema coffee.

drink of choice

Cappuccinos and Lattes

For cappuccinos and lattes, you again choose the volume of the espresso coffee, the temperature, and the grams of the coffee beans, then you choose the amount and density of the frothed milk to reach the optimum milk-coffee balance.

Milk Foam

For hot milk or milk foam, simply fill the included milk cooler with your favorite milk and insert it into the machine, then press the Milk icon. Once you’ve reached the desired amount, press cancel to stop the process.

The Dolce Vita is


The Dolce Vita is a smart machine. It will tell you how many cups and how many different varieties of coffee you’ve made.

It’s hard to make a mistake with this machine because it will prompt you with all the important warnings, like filling the water tank or adding beans to the bean tank. It will tell you if the drip tray, the coffee waste fine, or the brewer itself is missing. It will even let you know when it’s time to empty the coffee waste bin and clean the milk frother.


Easy Set-Up, Use and Maintain

You’ll love the Dolce Vita for its ease in setup and maintenance. Once you’ve unpacked the machine, remove the water tank and fill it with fresh water. Water is a significant factor in the flavor of coffee, so to get the best cup possible, always use filtered water.

Fill the bean tank, plug the machine in and turn on the switch on the back of the machine. Press the power icon, then wait for the machine to warm up. The Dolce Vita will go through the warm-up cycle each time after its been turned off or unplugged.

How to

Clean the Milk Frother

Maintenance is a breeze. To clean the milk frother, just insert it into the machine, place the milk hose in a cup of water and place another cup under the milk dispenser. Press the Milk icon to start cleaning. Empty the container and repeat the process until the pipeline has been flushed and completely cleaned of any old milk.

How to

Clean the Brewing Unit

To clean the brewing unit, open the door and remove the waste bin. Remove the brewing unit and rinse it with warm water, then insert it back into the machine.

for High Mineral Content in Water

Descale Setting

If your water has high mineral content, don’t worry… the Dolce Vita has a descale setting. Tap Menu, then Enter and Clean. Fill the water tank with fresh water and add the descaling powder. Press the play icon and the solution will be dispensed. Remove the water tank and refill it with fresh water. The machine will commence the rinse cycle, then return to standby mode.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line automatic espresso machine that not only brews the perfect cup of coffee consistently every time with over 26 drink options but also is easy to use and clean, the Dolce Vita is the right choice for you! We also include a free year of coffee beans in your Dolce Vita purchase so you’ll always have fresh coffee on hand.

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